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…Okay, maybe this week we’re starting to think about winter. We’re already in line to get lake effect, and we had to go get Mid’s new winter boots.

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Thanksgiving 2014

free use via Pixabay

free use via Pixabay

I love that Mid has started doing some of the grocery shopping. I can’t get him to do full loads but he’ll stop when I ask him to pick something up.

I was going to do scratched stuffing, but he informed me he only eats stuffing from a box. I’m trying to make things simpler on myself, so I’m not going to go through the hassle of cooking a dish he’s not going to eat.

But our shopping conversations, they go something like this:

Me, this morning: Mid, would you eat homemade stuffing on Thursday?

Mid: No, I only like stuff out of a box.

Me: Okay, well, then stop and get a box when you get home-and some eggs. Also, just grab a box of stuffing. Any box of stuffing. There’s going to be like 15 kinds.

Mid: makes noises that he understands and will get some random stuffing.


Me…Just get the stuffing that’s on sale and the cheapest eggs.

Which is what he ended up doing, but I should have just texted him photos.


As far as I can tell, we’re having Thanksgiving here by ourselves this year. So it’ll be the two of us. This menu will be overkill for us, but we an have leftovers.



A turkey breast (I still haven’t decided how I’m going to cook it)

Squash, pureed and baked with cinnamon and butter

Mashed potatoes


Whole berry cranberry sauce

Green beans, probably Chinese restaurant style (I need to post that recipe)



Scalloped Corn

Pumpkin pie, probably traditional

The Haunted Elf on the Shelf


I know it’s a little early to the start the Christmas seasonal stuff, but I’ve been sitting on this story impatiently for months.

Close enough.


I know full well that this story is [most likely] completely made up, I mean, if you think about this for thirty seconds it has to be.

I don’t care in the slightest.

Cursed objects aren’t exactly new. What they’re cursed with, why they’re cursed, and what they’re supposed to accomplish vary from object to object, but there’s not a lot of question that it is an established folklore trope.

Are you familiar with those Elf on a Shelf things? I hate them-which might be why I love this story so much. The basic idea of the elf, if you are unfamiliar, is that the elf appears nightly and monitors your children. The elf is supposed to report back to the child’s parents and to Santa about what the kid is up to. The elf has a name, but I honestly can’t remember what it is. It’s irrelevant anyway. I find the whole thing creepy but my dislike of the Elf on the Shelf is fodder for another entry.

According to an Ebay listing, the cursed elf was purchased at an estate sale. The seller brought the elf home and set it up. The traditional ‘strange things’ began to happen but the buyer didn’t make the connection to the elf until she tried to put it away. But she also, you know. posed the elf with a kitchen knife. The doll would move by itself, the doorbell would ring at odd hours, and shadow people started appearing in the home.

The seller does not state how she came to understand that the doll was the issue, but the listing included the original packaging.

Are Elf on a Shelf(s) even old enough to come in vintage?




November Housekeeping

There isn’t much to report this month.

The blog’s been pretty quiet-I’ve started reading my way through my book back log so hopefully I’ll have book reviews up soon. I have multiple projects on my needles and my wheel. The northtowns didn’t really get the snow, but you can’t be in this city without feeling the ripples from the snow so a lot of this week was spent dealing with the storm.

31 Days of Baking

31 days of baking inviteI’m going to attempt this project again this year. Hopefully my oven won’t die halfway through the month during this round.

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Steel and Father

steel and father

I still can’t photograph hats for finished knitting projects when by myself…and Mid is rarely around (or willing…or, oddly, capable of producing the types of shots that I want without me devolving into a borderline tantrum. Me: take a photo of the hat. Mid: Okay. Me, going home and looking at the camera:…why are all these shots from like 15 feet away. Mid: I did what you asked. I took a photo of you wearing a hat. Me:…I’m going to stick with my terrible only half a hat at a time and never the back of the hat selfies).

I want you to know that I endangered myself for this hat.

I almost fell off of the step trying to get photos. Because I’m just that graceful.

I am in fact capable of knitting things other than socks, hats, or scarves. But most of my knitting time is on the bus and I’m not going to try to work an armhole on the bus. Maybe on the train…but not on the NFTA. So most of my projects turn into simple things that I don’t really need to have he pattern out for.

This hat was supposed to be for sale or trade, or at the very least, for donation-but I should never be allowed to write a hat pattern because I finally just let the lace devolve into chaos lace and do what it wanted at the crown. I’ll wear something like that but I’m not going to ask someone else.

The next hat should go better. It’s just a rib.


There seems to be some great confusion about this Buffalo storm on Facebook…and I’m having people who don’t live in this city kindly trying to teach me about the city I live in when they don’t live here themselves (yes, that was snarky. I’m a snarky person. Bourdain is my hero).

Buffalo is broken down into two major sections: the north towns (or northtowns, one word) and the south towns (or the southtowns, one word)-and a dozen smaller neighborhoods like Kenton, Elmwood Village, University Heights, so on and so forth.

Ironically, Buffalo proper is getting little to no snow. The north towns are getting little to no snow. The south towns are hoping they’ll be melted out by Halloween.

Please…PLEASE…if someone from Buffalo tells you that the south towns are getting snow…please don’t tell them to stop changing the subject by shifting the conversation to towns not related to Buffalo-because it is the Buffalo storm after all.

So if you see someone talking about the south towns getting hit…we are in fact talking about the same storm. Because I’m frankly getting tired of admittedly well meaning people telling me they don’t understand why I’m talking about Cheektowaga when it’s the Buffalo storm. Buffalo isn’t a giant mono-city.

Meanwhile, in Buffalo…

day squall night squallThat is the infamous Buffalo November storm snow line. It’s hanging out several blocks down from house…just chilling…intent on destroying the southtowns.

For the love whoever it is that you pray to…stay wherever you are. And if you hear the weather reports telling you multiple feet-and for the love the gods IF THEY’VE ALREADY ISSUED A TRAVEL BAN…stay where you are. Unless you’re essential staff, this is not the time to be traveling-and a large chunk of the problem in the city right now. Harsh, but when they’re talking about bringing cranes in from Canada to get abandoned cars off the road so they can plow enough to get rescue crews into Cheektowaga…yeah. Time to call into work. Let them get to work cleaning this up-there is only so many plows in this city.

I have the dubious luck of having been in the 2007 storm that dropped 12 feet on Oswego. That storm is in large part the reason I’m a food prepper.

Be safe people, stay warm, and stay calm. It’s supposed to move north and then rev up again on Thursday.

It’s going to be a long winter.

The Afterlife: The Angriest Place You’ll Ever Be


While we’re on the topic of seasonally inappropriate deathways, I figured I might as well squeeze in a horror, or at least paranormal, related post.

Go onto Facebook, or hells, just google ‘ghosts’ and read the forums.

The most common adjective that comes up in relation to the ghosts is ‘angry’.

And I think that we’re projecting.

I think that if we’re working on the assumption that ghosts are the souls of those who have passed, there’s no real reason to assume that we’re going to be stripped of all personality. The conversation that triggered this entry was something to do with ‘why would a ghost be flipping my lamp on and off’. One of the most common answers, other than the completely sensible ‘are we sure it’s a ghost and not faulty wiring?’ was, ‘omg, the spirits, they’re angry!’.

Finally someone said, why are they angry? Why aren’t they curious, or pulling a prank, or just really not impressed with your choice of light fixtures? Why are we working off of a baseline of ‘anger’?

Here’s my personal, only quasi-scientific assumption: I think that we’re in the mindset that they’re angry because we can’t currently fathom a reality in which being a ghost would make us anything other than angry. Taking the fact that historically, a great many cultures have had spirits that aren’t ghosts in their mythologies, spirits that would do things like flip on lamps because that’s sort of what they do as their higher calling, completely out of the equation, then we’re left with the spirits of the dead. There are cultures that have a specific answer to the anger, such as disrespect in life or mistreatment during burial rites. But we’re talking here primarily about Internet culture, such as Facebook.

What is the greatest argument, and underlying fear in relation to death? Where do we go when we die. Do we go anywhere, or is that the end? I think the ‘anger’, at least in terms of Internet culture, stems from this: if we’re working off the ‘fact’ that what is flicking the lamp on and off is Great Uncle Charlie and not a bad light bulb, then it means that Uncle Charlie is most likely stuck here-suggesting one of two things: we have the capacity of getting stuck here for unknown reasons, or everything we know about the afterlife is wrong. It suggests that we have somewhere to go-but that someone’s living room may be that place. Which is kind of a terrible afterlife, if we’re being honest with ourselves.

So in other words, the original poster probably needs to invest in a new lamp, and we’re afraid that the afterlife involves messing with light bulbs-an anger we then project onto the dead.