DIY Citrus Cleaner

citrus cleaner

Just another fast entry. I hurt my lower back at some point in the last three weeks, which has thrown off my right leg. I’m much better, but still not awesome. And I get to rock an awesome compression sock.


I mean, I know that it could be a lot worse-my GP is pretty certain it’s nothing circulatory or cardiac. I had a D-dimer run and it came back negative for clotting, which is the big concern. But. Yeah.

Anyway, it’s put a damper on my enthusiasm for a lot of things. But projects like this are awesome and low impact.

If you’ve been cooking with a lot of citrus (like, say, being obsessed with soda syrup like me) you’re going to have piles of peels.

In order to utilize them for your home, you can make perpetual citrus cleaner.

1. Take a large clean glass jar.

2. Place peels into the jar.

3. Cover with vinegar-I used ACV because it’s what I normally have in the house. Just regular old cheap off the shelf stuff.

4. Let sit for at least two weeks.

5. Strain through a kitchen cloth or coffee filter and return to the jar.

6. As you use more citrus, throw the peels into the jar with the cleaner and start again, letting the peels on the bottom sit for at least two weeks. Continue to add vinegar to cover peels.

I pour mine into an old spray bottle for use.


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Because It’s Been Raining

It was raining when I got out of the bus station. I opened my umbrella and started to walk through the crowd.

Within seconds I noticed that there was something wrong.

No one else was carrying an umbrella.

No one else was walking in the same direction I was.

No one else was talking, or smiling. Everyone had the same expression on their face, very serious.

I struggled against the crowd, until I saw a taxi sitting by the curb. The driver was gesturing wildly at me, trying to get my attention. I walked to the car and got in.

We drove for awhile and finally the driver said,

‘Well, when I saw a man on the empty street, walking like he was fighting a crowd, I figured it was time to pick you up.’

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The Fermentation Project


I honestly don’t remember if I wrote about my ferments last summer. I know that I meant to, but last summer was a weird, weird time and I don’t know if I actually got around to it.

I’ve had over a gallon of pickles fermenting in my fridge. For reasons that only the gods know, I wasn’t able to get a good head of steam going on my ferments when left out on the counter so I threw them into the fridge. I have giant chunk deli style dill, one with berbere, and some random small slices.

I was laying in bed the other night and realized, oh god, I forgot about the pickles. I did some digging on google. Internet land says that ferments don’t go bad the way that other products do-they shouldn’t be ‘bad’ they may just not be good.

The last time I checked them they still fizzed like there was too much CO2 in the brine. This time they actually taste like pickles. They’re getting on the soft side, I will definitely try to eat them down soon. But they’re actually fairly decent pickles. They’ve been sitting there since July, and I think being in the fridge is what elongated the process so much.

So now I have faith in the fermented hot sauce I want to make this week. I’ll probably pull some of the brine to get the ferment going on the sauce and keep eating down these pickles. We’ll see what I end up fermenting once it gets warmer.

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April Housekeeping and Meta

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Kelly–Hopkinsville Encounter

There is a theory, I’m not sure how well known a theory, but a theory nonetheless, that we didn’t loose our faeries when society modernized.

They just turned into aliens.

This is actually something of an interesting case if you follow such a theory (I’m not sure I do, though I certainly agree there’s a fair amount of overlap). The language used to describe the creatures in the encounter to be described before are sometimes called goblins, but there are sources such as Wikipedia that categorizes this encounter as extraterrestrial. Goblins would probably fall closer to the super or preternatural than little green men for many people. It’s an interesting development.

In the fall of 1955 lights, unidentified objects, and creatures were spotted in the area of Kelly and Hopkinsville Kentucky. Sightings centered around the Sutton homestead, though the incident was not limited to just the Sutton family. One of the aspects of the case that makes it interesting to Ufologists is the presence of state troopers and other members of the police force among the identified witnesses.

Included in the encounters is a series of odd events caused by what have been described as goblins or gremlins. These creatures, whose features were distinctly not human including metallic skin, odd physical traits, a strange gait, and stunted height, seemed to either not be interested or unable to enter the homestead proper but would instead appear and disappear from the windows. This understandably frightened witnesses, especially the children who were frequently thrown into hysterics. There were physical encounters, however, and claims of a firefight that seemed to not injure any of the aliens or gremlins.

One of the aspects worth noting with this case is that the families involved in the case seemed to be completely disinterested in gaining from it. There appeared to be no attempt at monetary gain and the families went so far as moving out of the area once the case was made public. They appeared to take as many steps as they could to distance themselves from the gremlins, which suggests that they may actually have believed that something happened at that homestead. This stands in contrast with cases like the Amityville haunting, where at least some of the witnesses seemed to want to benefit from the encounters.

It should be noted however that as early as 1955 there were people claiming hoax- or otherwise. The presence of moonshine was questioned as soon as the sightings were made public. The family claims no alcohol was present at the homestead. Other attempts to explain the sightings include monkeys and Great Horned owls. The owl theory should probably not be dismissed out of hand, as it has been suggested that owls actually do behave in the way that the family describes the gremlins as acting if the owls have been frightened or angered. Further, it should be pointed out that at least some members of the skeptic community are not denying that the families encountered something on the homestead. It just probably not gremlins or aliens. The importance of the case has also come under debate, as well as the relationship of the involved factors such as the connection between whatever the creatures were and the lights in the sky that were reported in the area.

Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter

Story of Space-ship, 12 Little Men Probed Today

The Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter

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The Goatman

Everyone loves a good satyr.

And it sounds like the satyrs have migrated to Maryland.

The Goatman of Beltsville is a legend regarding a very large (300 pounds, roughly, and 7 feet tall) monster with the lower body of a goat and the upper body of a man. The Goatman stands on two legs and wields a very large ax. When you come too close, or anger the Goatman he uses the ax to attack you or your car.

According to legend, the Goatman was created when a scientist as mutated through an accident at the Beltsville Agriculture Research Center. However, folklorists from the area have suggested that the legend is modern and driven by youth culture in the area. There actually seems to be no connection to historical humanoid monster legends. While he seems to be an Internet darling right up there with his friend the Bunnyman who is also from the same area of the country, the University of Maryland has files on the myth dating back to 1971, which suggests that the story most likely is even earlier than that to already have entered the public discourse to be cataloged by a researcher.

Goatman (Maryland)

The Keeper of Local Haunted Lore

Famed Goatman Forever Held in Dusty Room

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Inspired Weekends #16


Inspired Weekends #16

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