Month: October 2010

operation rhinebeck sweater days 2 and 3

i got all of the back knitted. i just need to put it on scrap yarn, as i’m planning on picking up and knitting the collar from live stitches. i made the back slightly wider across the shoulders for that reason, and i don’t want it pulling if i can help it. i have a habit of knitting sweaters with armholes that aren’t deep enough and pull across the shoulders. that said i’m hoping that it won’t be too tight across the shoulders now. i figured out the front shaping, and actually i think it’s going to be a lot more anti climatic than i thought it would be. again though i’m taking a gamble on this one and hoping that it works. i may actually put buttons on this thing. i bought them. i’m not using button holes though. i read somewhere that they’re not all that necessary as long as you don’t use massive buttons, the fabric should just expand around the button enough to get it through. i’m going to try to make a belt as well.

operation rhinebeck sweater: day 1

i had been trying to knit a black cabled cardigan since the fourth of july. the sweater’s gorgeous, but the pattern was so badly written that it had to be completely re-released, and since i had been stupid enough to try it over black super saver it was literally a no go.

my black cardigan is literally falling apart from being worn so often, and rhinebeck is in a week anyway (the gates of hell will not spring open if someone sets foot on the duchess county fairgrounds in acrylic. i swear.).

so i tore the thing out today and just designed a pattern myself. i can’t find anything i like in the rav database, i have like six skeins of black red heart, and a copy of knitting over the edge (actually i have knitting on the edge and knitting over the edge).

i’m going to call it the one week to rhinebeck cardigan.

operation rhinebeck sweater: day 1.

i actually managed to get a fair amount of the sweater knit today. i wanted to do a 5″ ribbing on the bottom of the sweater, but decided that since i’m using a cabled ribbing (it’s nicky epstein’s twin cable rib from knitting on the edge) 3″ would be adequate and would probably work better for a cardigan. however, i’m probably going to use a cabled rib on a pullover with a much deeper depth to it later this winter because it’s a sweater image that i can’t get out of my head now.

i got about 7″ of stockinette stitch done on the back.

that’s the boring part.

the more interesting part was the hour that i spent scrambling trying to remember how the hell to draft a sweater pattern. i haven’t done it in 4 years, and while i remember the joys of The Lucky Sweater ™ and therefore know i can draft a sweater pattern to fit me, i can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it this time around.

i think that i have the majority of it figured out, however. the current issue is that i didn’t take the neckline shaping into account while i was frantically searching for sweater patterns to make some sort of franksteinian monster of a raglan pattern?

have i further mentioned that i have no idea what size the damn thing is going to turn out to be since i didn’t check gauge and figured that i’m not that much bigger than i was since the last sweater i knit (though slightly bigger, i must get off the junk food. seriously.) and since i knit fairly loose i just cast on and went.

basic seed stitch fingerless mitts (short)


4 size 7 dpns

approx. 200 yards worsted weight yarn. this pair took me roughly a 1/3 of a skein of blue red heart super saver solids (don’t judge me. i’m stash busting).

darning needle

3 stitch marker

waste yarn or stitch holders


not set in stone. work for roughly a 20 x 20 = 4 inch gauge, but mitts are fairly forgiving. go up or down a needle size to achieve the desired fabric with a worsted weight wool or acrylic (or blend) yarn.

stitch pattern

seed stitch in the round

rnd 1: *k1, p1*

rnd 2: *p1, k1*


cast on 32 stitches evenly across three needles (10, 11, and 11) and join, being careful not to twist the CO row and place a stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round.

work in desired ribbing in the round for 2.5″- i used 1×1 ribbing for the pair in the photo.

work 1 round in seed stitch, inc 1 stitch at the end of the round to bring to an odd number of stitches.

thumb gusset

next rnd: work 16 sts in seed stitch, PM, inc 1, work 1 stitch in patt, inc 1, PM, work to end of round

** next round: work in patt

next round: work in patt

next round: work to markers in patt, inc 1, work 3 in patt, inc 1, work to end of round in patt**

repeat last three rows 5x (to 15 sts between markers), or desired gussest depth and width- i prefer my thumbs tighter than some people and my fingers are short, so i prefer to knit to 13 sts.

next row: work in patt to gusset, remove marker, place next 15 sts (or number of gusset sts worked) onto a stitch holder or waste yarn, then work in patt to end of round.


work in patt to desired length, or until piece measures 5.5″ from CO edge.

next round:

*k1, p1* to end of round, dec 1 st at end of round

work seed stitch to 1.5″ and BO all sts. (or work the same ribbing you used for the cuff).


pick up live stitches from gusset, and divide evenly across three needles. work 3 rows and BO. (again, i prefer a shorter thumb, so the mitts in the pic have 1 row and then a  BO).

weave in ends

bye bye rovings

i had three gorgeous bumps from slimchicken on etsy sitting in my spinning stash since june.

i do love her colors, and while i had problems with one of her bumps when i was trying to chain ply it, i think the bigger issue is that i just am not very good at chain plying- not the quality of the wool. i think the issue at play here as well is that i’m not used to spinning superwash either, so my normal reaction of, oh, too bad i’ll just spit splice it and move on didn’t work.

so these poor bumps just kept hanging out while my mom kept piling up more roving for me, and rhinebeck’s been creeping closer, and i finally realized that i was never going to get around to spinning them, or at least not in the foreseeable future.

i’m really active on (bpal is amazing, if you’re into perfume) and do swaps over there from time to time. someone posted an ISO for rovings to send someone as a gift, and i decided that it was time to let go of the pretty bumps that i was holding onto just because they were pretty. maybe someone else will be able to use them for something other than space holders in my stash.