great fiber no buy: day 7- the sock issue.

one week down!

apparently my mom bought me roughly 14 ounces of alpaca at the show that she went to. it’s very odd, the area that i grew up in is becoming something of an indie dyer region. i guess it’s good for raising fiber producing animals- the weather is good, the grass is good, and it’s already heavily agricultural based. i’m not complaining since it means that i’m finding a lot more local producers, but it still strikes me as a little weird to go into, say, and etsy shop and see names that i recognize.

day one-birth of a sock

blogs are better with pictures, and i finaly discovered how to use the camera on my phone this afternoon while i was starbucks before work. congratulations,  have an akward picture of my leg.

mid has been very excited about his new socks, which could work out to be an weird situation for me.

here’s the thing. socks are great, but i have a love/hate relationship with handknit socks.

on the plus side:

-the patterns are, at their most basic, fairly straightforward. while there’s a ton of ways to make heels and different toe shapings, the basic shape remains the same from sock to sock. at the truly most basic, a large enough tube will function as a perfectly good sock.

-they’re small enough to be portable.

-socks require so little yarn that even the most expensive sock yarns aren’t that much of a budget hit.

-they’re fairly low stress knits.

-they can last forever- i have a pair kicking around


-i just find them boring. i can’t get into them. they’re just not all that exciting. i’m much rather work lace

-sock yarn….i know that there are plenty of sock yarn dyers on etsy that do some really pretty stuff (i love this) but there’s a lot of really ugly sock  yarn out there. i sometimes think that companies just stick the ends of dye pots together and see what happens. i remember the rise of the self patterning sock yarn, and i’ve never really understood it. i like the idea of self patterning yarn, i just wish someone would do it in pretty colors.

-they’re mindless. i’m not big on mindless knits, not for entire projects at least.

-people always want socks. i never have people ask for sweaters. it’s a weird con.

-they feel like they take forever. for such a small project, they just drag, and drag and drag…

i admittedly have a very weird relationship with socks. i’d much rather work lace on small needles than socks, but socks are admittedly much more useful in day to day life…


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