How Entertaining, or, a resolution check in

Sunday should be one of my slowest days of the week. it’s generally the day that i do long or involved tasks like make stock or mop my kitchen floor (seriously, i’m not sure why i bother other than my own piece of mind, the floor in there is trashed and was like that when we signed the lease).

however, for a variety of reasons (and in mid’s case, literally) we have been mourning the death of our social lives. part of it was lack of space and living arrangements, part of it was money, part of it was social drift away from the groups that we had when we were first getting together.

i had made a promise to both of us that we would be much more social when we got our own place again, for the sake of our sanities. yesterday i held true to that promise and we had our first ‘open invitation cooking event’. the idea is that once a month (or so is the current plan) that i would pick a new or newish recipe and cook enough for a good sized crowd, and have a standing invitation open to anyone we know in the city of buffalo or surrounding region to just drop by. we would eat and watch horror movies or anime (both of which our social circles seem to enjoy). this month i made the eggplant and chickpea curry that had been on my revolving recipes list and we watched soul eater, an anime that had come highly recommended by one of my coworkers.

anyway, the point is that the day was full of getting food to cook, cleaning before cooking, prepping to cook, cooking, or then entertaining after cooking. which was quite enjoyable and i’m looking forward to next month. but it means that i didn’t get anything done fiber related. story of my life.

a resolution check in

…the fact is that i have fallen off of the fiber resolution wagon. frankly though i feel like it’s been for a decent reason: the move has really cut into my fiber time. now that life is calming down i’d like to retrieve the latest sock project from mid’s grandmother’s house and work on it; the move has stalled out and the sock is stuck there currently.

i feel like my spinning has improved slightly though. and i did pick up some washers to weight down my spindles so my desire to own a spindle in every weight possible has abated somewhat. i do want to dye horrifically though even though i have about four projects on spindles right now, and don’t want to buy lighter colored fibers right now anyway.

tell me, dear readers, what are your favorite fiber art blogs? my blog roll is full of amazing blogs but i’m missing reading other people’s fiber experiences.


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