Link Storm

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a random blog roundup post. In fact I’m not certain I’ve done one since I was blogging at Attempting to Make the World a Little Fluffier.

H.P. Lovecraft’s Invisible Library

Books that don’t exist in the mythos but should.

Occupier Charged with Lynching Herself

I’m more interested in the symbolic nature of the charges, than the politics of it.

Colors That Faded From History

This is so cool…but I’m also confused because Red #3 is the red that give you problems when dyeing with Wilton’s. It’s probably a good thing then that I don’t actually eat the wilton’s?

Spongata-Italian Minced Meat Pie in Georgian London

So cool! I love food history. My friends think I’m insane.

Scary Fairies PDF

another Beachcombing entry…but it’s nice to see someone else in blogland that’s more concerned with Tam Lin than Tinkerbelle.

Sufficient to Stuff a Cushion

This one just amused me.

Paranormal Database

Currently just for the United Kingdom, but it may be cool to just poke through.

Bacon Cheese Soup

This was really good, and surprisingly inexpensive to make for a cheee soup (I say that having to admit that I got everything I needed at Aldi).

My thoughts: it’s definitely nommy without other seasonings but I want to play around with more spices. Oddly, I need to get a better quality bacon- but not for why you would think; I got Aldi’s cheapest thinking it would be salty enough and it wasn’t.

I used evaporated and 2% milk and I think higher fat milks would give it an even richer mouth feel. I didn’t use carrorts and I added a can of kidney beans (Mid’s requirement). I want to use a more robust cheese than chedder next time for more assertive cheese profile.

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