Haunted Western New York- Buffalo Central Terminal

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Buffalo Central Terminal

The Central Terminal ranks as one of Buffalo’s most popular (and infamous) public momunments. Building began in 1925 on the terminal with the intention of the site being used as a depot for the New York Central Railroad. The first train left the station in June 1929.

The station passed through several hands including Pen Central and Amtrak. The terminal last saw use in 1979, and was placed on the National Register of Historical Places in the early 1980s. Various efforts to rehabilitate the site have been launched since that time, with the building reentering the public awareness as a site for several different ceremonies and conventions.

The terminal is as notorious for its hauntings as it is for its rather chaotic history. Featured 3 times by The Atlantic Paranormal Society, the original special that aired on halloween 2008 garnered enough viewer enthusiam that the site was featured again on halloween 2010. TAPS found enough activity to be comfortable claiming that the site is most likely haunted.

Most of the claims made about the site relate to large amounts of residual style, repetitive hauntings- most of the sightings are of activities that would have been common while the terminal was experiencing its highest traffic such as during World War II when large numbers of troops were moving through the building. People claim to have witnessed people drinking from water fountains that are no longer in existance, crowds in otherwise abandoned sections of the concourse, and heard (or felt) trains leaving the station decades after the tracks fell into disuse.

However, the building’s status as a local urban legend in its own right may be its greatest legacy. The Central Terminal, along with the abandoned psychiatric center, ranks as Buffalo’s most haunted location- and one of its most discussed.

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