Just Where do Cantaloupes Come From, Anyway?

…Well, where do they?

Do they grow on a vine?

They’re melons. They must.

I had the (dis)pleasure of an emergency dentist visit, which turned into a, you should probably stay home today, visit.

No. Really. I was grounded.

Which left me with nothing better to do…than knit another rug.

I’m calling this one “Just Where Do Cantaloupes Come From, Anyway?”. The base fabric was a skirt in melon orange with stripes of green. When I added in more greens and the whites, it really reminded me of cantaloupes.

Mid asked me how many I’m planning on making. I’m debating on another one for the kitchen, and maybe scatter rugs for the spare room and bedroom. I’m waiting to see how long it takes the rag knitting craze to leave my system.

The light was terrible, again, and I didn’t feel like crawling around on the floor for a shot in that condition. I wanted to have a picture before the rug got dirty, so there you go.

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