What You Should Have in Your Kitchen

I’m not some sort of food blogging expert. I can barely take attractive photos.

But I can cook. And cook well. And cook on a budget.

It’s not too uncommon for me to get asked for tips, when people suddenly hit a point where they need to start eating more true homemade food and less, I heated it up out of a box food.

These are the things that I think that you should start out with in your kitchen. It’s obviously not a comprehensive list, and I may add to it later. Some of it is personal preference.

A french press, or a perculator. Preferably a french press.

A french press is a insanely simple way of making coffee. It makes beautiful coffee concentrate. It’s fairly easy to clean though it can take some getting used to. The beauty of a french press is that it doesn’t require electricity. Having a coffee maker that doesn’t take electricity- like a press or a perculator- makes it so you can have coffee wherever you have a heat source.

3 Vinegars

White, apple cider, and balsamic. White vinegar cleans a huge range of things, especially in combination with baking soda. Apple cider adds sweetness to recipes, and it’s great for DIY health and beauty uses. Balsamic, even cheap balsamic, is great for making marinades, sauces, and salad dressings that seem fancy with minimal effort.

A Comprehensive Cookbook

It doesn’t really matter which one, even a notebook full of stuff you write down from blogs. You should have a source of recipes offline that you can pull from to make a complete meal. A lot of good cookbooks also have info like weight and volume conversions.

Small containers

I actually prefer small pyrex bowls (1 or 2 cup size) but how could I resist orange lids? Small containers are going to greatly simplify your life.

Good Knives

The best you’re able to afford. They make faster cuts and are safer. I’m partial to Oneida, I’ve got Oneida in my block that are upwards of 15 years old.

The Best Cookware You Can Afford

You can find decent pieces at garage sales and thrift stores. It’s much easier to cook when you’re not fighting your pans.

Plant-based Protein

Tofu and beans are cheap, easy to store, and good for you. They’re fast to cook once prepped and easy to manipulate.


And not instant. Long grain rice is better for you. Get a decent rice cooker.

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One comment

  1. thanks for the post…just found you from a link up party. My children think that I could certainly use some more new recipes in the kitchen. 🙂

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