Sunday Legends-The Ebay Haunted Painting


The claim was that the painting was cursed. When it was placed on Ebay for auction, the owners claimed that the subjects of the painting (a child and a doll) would move around the painting at night and sometimes would even leave it entirely. Sometimes just looking at the painting was enough to cause discomfort.

There was a warning on the listing. The piece was said to be cursed, and those that possessed it were said to have tragedy follow them.

The Ebay haunted painting itself may be an elaborate form of a creepy pasta- an Internet-born urban legend style story that circulates virally. However, the story reflects much deeper, older themes.

The concept of cursed or haunted objects is by no means a new one, or limited to a specific region. The idea that an object can become haunted, possessed, or cursed can be found throughout various world cultures. One of the more common themes is that the objects more likely to be possessed would be those with a human shape- including dolls, paintings, or photographs. This could be an extension of that particular fear.

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