Dead End (2003)

Another member of the goofy holiday horror club, though this isn’t a distinctly Christmas film.

I greatly enjoyed this film. It’s both dry and goofy, with piles of dark humor. Not a slapstick film, there’s still a lot of horror played for laughs. I think that I agree with other reviewers though, the cast is what makes this work. This would be, to be blunt, a stupid film with anyone else but here the cast just comes across as insane, not idiotic.

The story of a family attempting to drive to a family Christmas celebration, the sighting of a woman in white begins to spin them in a cycle of death and destruction, and by the end of the film you realize that it’s quite literally a cycle. With a who shot JR ending, this is still a well presented twist on the genre. If nothing else, it doesn’t get undone at the end like a lot of films that work with this presentation. It also explains a lot of the more macabre-comedy elements too, if you think about it.

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