Iced Coffee

Hammer Films has started releasing information on their next film- The Quiet Ones. It looks like I’m going to enjoy it; there’s a rogue social scientist which I think my favorite underutilized horror trope.

This is one of the rare summers where I have been knitting.

Most summers I want to spin all the time. It’s too…digusting in Western New York humidity to want to cuddle up to piles of knitted fabrics. But for some reason, all I want to do is plow through projects.

The coffee industry should thank me. My iced coffee consumption is apparently working in direct proportion to the amount of time I’m spending with my needles.

My current favorite?

1 tsp to 1 tbl condensed milk

8 to 12 oz coffee

The milk goes in the cup first, then the coffee so the milk dissolves into the drink. It’s effectively a faux Vietnamese iced coffee, but since I only have a Keurig it’s not nearly as nice as the real thing. I really need to get a phin filter.

I’m not against buying iced coffee though. I make enough of it at home that the Keurig has been paid off at least 2 or 3 times (I told you that the coffee industry owes me a thank you letter) but trips for coffee certainly fill a bean shaped hole in my spirit. I really liked those chocolate iced coffee that Dunkin Donuts had this spring.

I was a barista for 6 years during college and grad school and there’s something about the peace in a good coffee bar that I find very soothing. Coffee is literally the one thing that I can’t cut out of my budget. I bought 2 ounces of spinning fiber in the last year. Don’t ask me how much I’ve spent on coffee.

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