This movie is adorable.

Really, there’s no reason for this film to amuse me as much as it does. But there’s something refreshingly naive about it, like reading young adult fantasy after weeks of social theory.

Not that I’ve ever done that.

Believe is a fairly innocent piece from Lionsgate. I have to admit, I’m not sure that I’ve watched that much from Lionsgate, or maybe I just haven’t paid that much attention (it’s probably that). A fairly young teenager named Ben has been shuffled from private school to private school by his too busy to care parents, getting expelled repeatedly for pulling ghost related pranks on his fellow students.

He eventually ends up in the care of his grandfather. While under his care, Ben befriends a girl named Catherine (I believe, I’m having problems confirming this online and I’m admittedly horrible with names) who recently lost her parents. Their antics, including terrifying the local bullies, leads them to realize that their families are at war- and that the Stiles family property is haunted.

I put this on both the ‘cute horror’ list and the ‘older child-safe’ horror list. There’s nothing in this film that’s too heavy, and there’s nothing like a real scare, just some jumps. I think the effects are also low budget enough that it’s fairly obvious that this is make-believe; Saw this is not. If your child can handle Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark, then they can handle Believe.


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