Inhabited (2003)

Two kid friendly movies in a row? Something must up with the universe.

I liked this movie a lot more than I should have.

Which is not to say that it’s a good movie, but I enjoyed it. It’s goofy enough to be amusing without being so bad that it’s painful.

Also, Malcom McDowell is in it, which makes everything better (I don’t know why, but I love Malcom Mcdowell).

The Russell family moves into a new home, complete with a quaint little playhouse in the backyard. Gina, the only daughter, begins to talk about faeries, and how the faeries are starting to do things around the house. As the weeks go by, the encounters and activities increase in intensity. Eventually, the family calls in a child therapist to determine what’s going on with Gina.

While the Russells are talking to the therapist, the strangely aloof handyman tells them to avoid the faeries at all cost and to keep a close eye on Gina.

Because, of course, there actually are faeries in the playhouse.

While not having even a comparable amount of richness that Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark has, there’s something about this movie that’s…purer. Without the effects budget there’s something creepy about how the production team is forced back to the storyline.

Which isn’t great, but like Don’t Be Afraid it’s a child-friendly film that’s still not completely boring or stilted.

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