Sunday Legends-Black Hope Cemetery

If you are a fan of the classics of modern horror, you’re probably familar with this story even if you don’t recognize the name.

The Black Hope Cemetery curse, haunting, or horror (depending on who you talk to) is reflected in the storyline of Poltergist. I’m not able to verify at this time how much of that is deliberate and how much of that is accidental but the parallels are the same.

In the 1980s, families began to move into new housing outside of Houston, Texas. The houses seemed perfect and at first, everything was peaceful. However, when families decided to begin construction such as pools and other large scale projects, strangers began to appear who warned against such plans.

What residents were told was that the area was the original site of the Black Hope Cemetery, a cemetery primarily used by former slaves. However the residents didn’t believe, or care about, the stories- until they actually began to hit graves in their backyards. As it works out, there was a cemetery located in the area. The last burial had been in 1939 and the cemetery had fallen into disuse since.

Judith and Sam Haney, two of the residents who found bodies, decided to rebury the graves on their property. However, soon after they began to experience paranormal activities. The activity began to intensify until by some accounts at least one individual was killed. However, oddly, only two families in the area were affected by these events- it should be noted though that when those families moved out of the area, all activities stopped for them.

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