The Crow Report-A Murder of Odd Events

The birds have been flying around Pinterest and have found a series of weird historical events.

It should be admitted that it’s possible that some (or all) of them may be hoaxes- some of them actually say as much- but I still find them interesting.

1. In September 1969 a thunderstorm deposited hundreds of golf balls all over Punta Gorda, Florida. No explanation was found for this, and there was no evidence of where the golf balls came from.

2. It rained sugar twice in September 1857 in northern California. Period sources claim that it may have been a hoax- but the local women melted the sugar down for syrup.

3. In 1843, it rained an alligator in Charleston, South Carolina.

4. A skull was found in Interwar France that has left scientists puzzled- the skull appears to be human, and appears to be horned. Testing has confirmed that it is real; if the skull is a forgery, it’s a very very good one.

5. The Gurdon Light is a phenomena similar to the Paulding Light. Multicolored lights are reported bobbing around the train tracks in Gurdon Arkansas, during both the day and night.

6. In 1898, Morgan Robertson wrote a novel about a ship named the Titan that was lost due to an impact with an iceberg. The similarities between the novel’s storyline and the loss of the Titanic 14 years later make it an exceptionally eerie example of foreshadowing- the level of similarities between the book and the sinking is incredible.


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