Haunted Western New York-Holiday Inn (Grand Island)

Out of all of the hauntings that I’ve researched, I think that I find this Grand Island haunting to be one of the most interesting.

What is interesting about this particular ghost is that there is absolutely no historical basis to the story. The legend goes that the Grand Island Holiday Inn is haunted by the ghost of a young girl, commonly referred to as ‘Tanya’. Tanya appears as a child dressed in white, who roams the building and grounds. Since the early 1970s she engages in fairly common childhood behaviors such as running the halls, playing mild pranks on guests and staff, and disrupting rooms. The legend claims that Tanya lived on the grounds once, and died in a fire in the 1800s.

Unfortunately for believers, no such occurance can be verified. There was a house on the property, in which children were raised. None of them were named Tanya. The house did burn, but not until the 1960s; there were no deaths reported in that fire.

This is all fairly common knowledge- all of it is obtainable through the Grand Island historical society. So why has it made the jump into the realm of urban legend? What about this story makes it so appealing?



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