Draft Dodgers

I’m oddly busy today so I’ll have to update the tree project later.

My windows are horribly drafty. As in, bad enough that I should probably call my landlord about it in the spring.

I needed to do something about it so I tried draft dodgers first. The project seems to have come up a draw. Some of the windows really benefited from them, and some are just so drafty that even with a draft dodger shoved into every crack I’m still getting a wind through the room. Those windows will be weatherproofed once I get ahold of a hair dryer.

The dodgers were fairly easy. I cast on 20 or 22 stitches on size 11 needles using fairly heavy, fluffy yarn. I worked in stockinette stitch until the dodgers were the length of the windowsill and then knit 3 rows past that so there was a snug fit. Stockinette rolls into a tube without stabilizing stitches, which is what I wanted. I forced the fabric into a tight tube and fit them into the window. The best part is that since I already had the yarn (and no plans for it) the project was essentially free.

Please, join us for Fall Into the Holidays!
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