Reddit Nosleep’s podcast

Nosleep has a podcast that they’ve started updating with some frequency. If you’re unfamiliar, Nosleep is the creepy/horror subboard on Reddit. The idea is that ‘everything’ is true. I don’t think that even half of what’s published on the board are actual personal experiences, but the stories are cool and they don’t allow for known creepy pastas or urban legends so at least what you’re reading is new. Quality varies wildly and they sometimes go through trends where the themes aren’t what I’m interested in, but if you’re looking for short (very short) creepy stories, the site’s pretty cool.

The podcast pulls the creepiest and most popular stories and narrates them. The audio quality is fairly good and the podcast is edited better than I thought it would. I prefer Psuedopod for longer/more professional stories but for what it is, the Nosleep podcast is a good horror drabble show. Each episode has a few different stories and from what I can tell the themes vary a little throughout each episode.


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