Haunted Western New York-Gray Road (Minnetto)

Gray Road in Minnetto seems to have its own ghost. It’s claimed that if you drive up this road-which seems to be weird if only for only having two houses along its lengths-and stop on the train tracks, a figure will approach your car. This figure seems to appear out of nowhere. Some stories number the ghosts at three, in the middle of the road. There are claims of ghost orbs in the woods as well.

There seems to be a series of rumors about the road, which may be more interesting than any actual haunting that’s occuring on the location. There is a local urban legend about one of these two houses being constantly lit by candles-one for each nun killed during a specific mass murder. Other legends claim that there has been at least one murder and a suicide along the road. Yet another claims that a group of school children were killed when the wagon they were riding in got stuck on the train tracks (Or it may have just been a single child…) Even more legends claim that it’s next to impossible to even find information about the location.

The Gray Road Ghost (Minnetto)

Gray Road Minnetto



    1. I’ve been to most of the supposed hauntings in Buffalo, and they’re cool but not necessarily spooky. Same with the ones in Oswego.

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