Sunday Legends-The Beautiful Ones: Baobhan Sith


The baobhan sith may or may not smell of grapefruits (I told you my perfume obsession leaks in around the corners every so often).

Falling somewhere between faerie or vampire, the baobhan sith is a creature that is said to roam the Scottish highlands. Her affections are rarely healthy; when she and her sisters find a man they find attractive, they lure him in their dance. While distracting him with their attentions they use their sharp clawlike nails to tear into his skin and feast on his blood.

Like most of the female faeries their basic appearance remains the same with some minor variations. Building off of or paralleling the bansidhe myth, the baobhan sith may have long white hair or dress in white clothing. In some tellings they dress in green. In others they may have cloven feet. Whatever their clothing may be, this sith seems to be particularly alluring which is part of what makes them so dangerous.

However, they don’t seem to be a particularly frequent predator; some claims have them only hunting once or twice a year. In any case, as with many of the fae legends, cold iron is enough to dispell them.

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