A Plea to My Fellow Knitters

Please, if  you’re capable of knitting in public, do so.

I’ve talked about my adventures with knitting in public (kip-ing) in the past. One of my earliest entries on this blog was about a conversation about me, my spindle, and talking to God that took place at the train station.

To be fair, in the last six week there’s been something weird about the energy at the bus station and I’ve found myself in situations involving the police twice-luckily, neither directly involving myself. Talking about my knitting is probably a better alternative.

However, now that I’m over my charity drive scarf burnout I’m back to working on scarves for the next drive. I don’t want to burn out again. Whenever I pull out needles, it’s like people have never seen needles before. Well, that’s only partially true. An older man stopped me and said that he had missed seeing women working on needlecrafts in public.

Because he hadn’t seen it in 20 years.

Where are you guys? I know that you’re out there. Ravelry’s membership rolls are exploding. I know that I’m not the only person in Buffalo, even. I know for a fact Holly knits. I am the first to admit that I’m not the most patient creature, and I can only sit through what I think of as the Christmas Story conversation-how do you not poke your eyes out?-so many times before my energy levels begin to flag.

So, get out there and knit. If nothing else, peope LOVE to talk to you when you’re knitting. Actually, maybe that’s not a great idea. Make it a garter stitch project so you don’t throw off your count.

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  1. I love your call to arms – err, needles! Rest assured, I am with you! I knit continually and rarely go out without a project of some sort on needles tucked in a bag! 🙂

  2. *Waving my arm* … I’m here! Although I usually will take my crochet out with me and not my knitting. I’m still new to knitting and will screw up and have to back track and it could be a serious mess in public. LOL But a piece of crochet lace in the making … easy peasy. I promise to start carrying it with me and pull it out at every possible moment. 😉

  3. Visiting from inspire me mondays blog hop.
    Wow ok I gotta follow you! stop by my blog and read about my recently new hobby of knitting! And guess what I am so happy you encouraged us to knit in public because I have started to recently and your right Its like no one has ever seen it before, and since I am new to it I am a bit bashful but after reading this i will knit in public more!

  4. Yes! I’ve been trying to knit (and crochet) in public more. I have my knitting bag with me everywhere I go, so I can pull out whatever project I’m working on if I ever get a quiet moment.

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