Sunday Legends-The Expressionless


The Expressionless

The story of the expressionless ghost or the expressionless woman is a fairly current story. Credited to June 2012, the story is part of a movement to create and spread urban legend style legends as a form of Internet folklore (also known as creepypasta, which this column has touched on in the past).

[This story may be more graphic than some of the legends that have been discussed here in the past. as with all creepypasta, the subject matter may be troubling to some readers.]

In 1972, a woman was admitted to the ER department of the Cedar-Sinai Hospital. The ER staff were highly trained and experienced, but something about this particular woman caused mutiple people to leave the room and vomit. Several refused to return.

There were two things about this woman that caused this reaction-the first was her appearance. She appeared almost doll or mannequin-like. Her skin was perfectly smooth and poreless. She had no eyebrows and her makeup was clumsily applied. Her limbs moved the way that they should have, but she lay rigidly in the bed and her face had no expression. The woman was covered in blood.

The doctors realized that she wasn’t harmed however and tried to find the source of the blood-and were horrified to realize that she had the corpse of a small cat clenched between her jaws. What was truly horrifying though was her teeth. Her teeth were long metal spikes, too long for the doctors to think she should have been able to close her mouth without harming herself. [In some versions of the story she’s already in the hospital bed when they discover the cat, in others she discards the corpse and then collapses.]

The woman remains emotionless, and motionless, until the doctors attempt to sedate her- even allowing them to restrain her. At their attempts to sedate her, she became violent. She fought off the doctors, the most senior of whom then asked her,

‘What the hell are you?’

Smiling suddenly she lunged at the doctor and used her too-long teeth she tear out his throat and leave him bleeding out on the floor. The woman leaned over then and said clearly-


The woman then walked calmly out of the hospital and was never seen again.


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