The Creative Process

mid's cabled blanket

I’m planning a fairly large scale project.

That not entirely good photo is the last time I attempted a cabled blanket. I learned a lot of things along the way-it’s going to take a lot longer than I thought, take a lot more yarn than I thought, and I’m going to stop it early out of sheer weight if I do it as a large continous piece.

I’m not unfamiliar with knitting large blankets-full sized bed or larger. It’s easiest to do it in pieces, so that the knitting doesn’t turn into 10 pounds of fabric hanging off of two sticks.

It is however easier to knit long strips and sew them together-I knit my fugly blanket in small blocks then sewed the blocks into strips, and then sewed those strips onto the finished piece. The long strips were the easiest to sew.

The blanket that I’m planning right now-and I have a significant amount of time before I need it to be finished-will probably be knit in what amounts to scarves and then sewn together. The two scarves/strips on either side will probably be narrower seed stitch strips/scarves and each of the other scarves will have seed stitch to begin and end it-built in border around the blanket.

It’ll be done in shades of purple, but I haven’t decided if I want it to be all the same shade of purple or use different shades of purple. That may depend on how long it takes me to do it and whether or not I can get all the same shade purple over the length of time necessary. I’ll probably use acrylic for ease of care.

Each strip, with the exception of the side strips, are going to be different cables or aran stitches. The only thing that may be an issue is length of repeat, so I may go for cables that have roughly the same number rows or are roughly divisible by the same number of rows (they’re all divisible by 10 or some such). Width doesn’t matter but I’m going to stick with worsted weight yarn.

American queen size blankets are roughly 90 by 90 inches but some wiggle room exists in there.  I’m guessing I need roughly 50 to 75 ounces of yarn. If I get a ball a month, and knit at least a strip a month, I’ll be done in plenty of time.

I need to start stockpiling Michael’s and Joann’s coupons.

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  1. Wow! I do love the color of the afghan in the photo … but I can imagine the weight. Ten pounds hanging off of two needles! Scary thought. I think I’ll stick with baby afghans, or lap throws, for knit projects. 😉

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