Haunted Western New York-Forest Lawn

I recently sat through another round of ‘Buffalo is a weird city’. And if Buffalo is a weird city, then I live in a weirder than normal area-it seems like half the blocks on the two major streets I live between are said to be haunted.

(And after my last run in with the State Hospital…yeah. I’m not going back there at night, you couldn’t pay me enough.)

One of the larger landmarks almost within walking distance is Forest Lawn. Founded in 1849 Forest Lawn is one of the largest cemeteries in the city. There are multiple celebrities buried on location, and the cemetery itself is considered to be exceptionally attractive. It’s also a fairly large cemetery.

As for its haunted reputation-it seems that it’s just that, a reputation. Everyone has heard that the grounds are haunted but it’s hard to pin down actual legends. Red Jacket is said to have been seen on occasion and the few groups that have formally investigated the site (it’s hard to get into after dark, and I really don’t suggest trying it personally) claim to have photographic evidence-but again, sometimes orbs are just bugs. There are reports of contact with ectoplasm as well but nothing that seems to be repeated.

It seems that Forest Lawn is one of those places that looks like it should be haunted, and maybe it is. If you’re a taphophile it’s worth a trip during the day-when it’s legal to be on the grounds.


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