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Antigoth Blanket Progress/Scrap Knitting @Horrificknits

Scrap knitting always makes me feel oddly gleeful. I think that it’s the fact that while technically I did spend something on the yarn, since I’m ending up with a finished project out of bits too small to be used on their own, it feels like I knit a project for free.

My current scrap project-born out of a cable/aran overload-is a blanket that will have its own entry once I finish it. I’m using a nice, simple blanket pattern that I found on Ravelry.

Scrap knitting is great for using up lots of yarn that are too small to be used on their own, except for perhaps very small projects. In the end it saves both materials and money because you’re getting the most of the yardage that you have.

The two scrap projects that I tend to gravitate towards are mosiac knitting and scrap blankets. Mosiac knitting is an interesting technique if you’ve never tried it. Producing similar effects to fair isle but leaning more heavily towards geometric shapes, mosiac is a form of color work where you are only working one color at a time. Mosaic is nice because you can get some really interesting results in a project when working a constant contrasting color but shifting the other color in the pattern-which makes it great for the really small amounts of yarn you may have in your stash.

Scrap blankets are great as long as you’re okay with some variable results. I’ve found I’m pretty happy with the results as long as I do a little bit of pre-planning. My current project goes warm scrap ball-off white-cool scrap ball-off white. Keeping with similar weights helps as well, and either really mixing textures frequently or keeping with the same textures makes it easier to maintain a consistent look.

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