Midnight’s Flower Garden

I adore this project. I had a blast knitting it, and it’s my favorite thing that I’ve knitted in recent memory.

This is also the most ironic thing that I remember knitting, pretty much ever. One of the things that I love about it is that it reminds me of a garden of flowers with the greens and the random explosions and pooling of colors. Which is almost hilarious, since I knit it for Mid.

The thing that you have to understand about my husband-thing is that he’s a huge goth. Leaning more to the steampunk now, he was high goth prior to when I started being around. Think white pan makeup, black eyeliner and big boots. Most of this was out of his system by the time I came around but the man still applies eyeliner better than I do. So the fact that I ended up knitting him a flower garden amuses me greatly.

I have no idea what yardage is on this one. I can’t even estimate. All of the yarn is scrap or leftovers, and there’s yarn taken from two other projects that were hibernating for years. There’s nothing that can felt in it though there is some Woolease and Vintage in it.

midnight's flower garden blanket


-I love the pattern (the original 10 stitch blanket, found on Ravelry). It’s going to be my default mindless knitting/default blanket pattern from here on out.

-It worked up really fast, though I wish Mid would have given me a better feel for size other than ‘keep knitting’

-I love how it organically pooled in places even without being a true varigated project.


Nothing seriously, really.

-It worked up really fast, though I wish Mid would have given me a better feel for size other than ‘keep knitting’

-I do like the splotches with the true white yarn better than the aran/off white, but I had piles of aran/off white and using true white would have meant buying yarn. I didn’t want to have to buy yarn.

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