My 28th Birthday Cake, and Koolaide Eggs

Blood Orange Spice Cake

1 box spice cake mix, or your favorite spice cake recipe

1 half pint jar overly thin/syrupy jam (optional-use ¾ to 1  cup water instead) (I used my blood orange honey jelly)

1 half pint jar canned oranges

3 eggs

½ cup oil

I wanted to do something new and exciting for my birthday cake this year but after last year’s run in with the bloody tangerine bars and an exceptionally rough March I fell back on a recipe that I knew I liked-my spiced orange cupcake recipe.

It’s also time for me to start thinking about emptying out my jars so I can fill them with new, yummy spring stuff. My blood orange jelly never really did set all the way, so I decided to amp the orange in my cupcakes and made a sheet cake with a jar of canned Cara Caras in orange juice and a partial jar of the blood orange jelly. I used the orange juice and the jelly syrup in place of the water.

The recipe is straight forward, and isn’t really a recipe. Follow the instructions on the box but add the jelly and juice in place of the added water. If you wanted to change up the flavor profile, I bet this would be nice with thinned berry jam, frozen berries, and a lemon cake mix.

Last year’s cake was actually a tray of mini cakes-blood orange mini cakes.

(And I am recycling a photo-those are my home canned oranges. I made this late Easter afternoon and it was already a fairly gray day.)

I also tried the koolaide dyed egg trick. I hard boiled 6 eggs (which was what I had in the house) and soaked them in cherry koolaide out of my dye stash-3 eggs per package, with 3 eggs each to these rather large salsa jars that I’ve been stockpiling. I’ve been picking out salsa for Mid in these large jars because frankly I want the jars for fridge preservation later. They did dye…but came out sort of orange.

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