Short Reviews, Volume 5


A moderately entertaining movie with a moderately interesting twist on the incubus mythos. At least it explains in part why the incubus does what he does. And murder by microwave, well, at least it’s not an overly done trope. I commented on Facebook however they probably blew their budget on making the titular demon into an elder-goth with interesting arm gear. It’s snarkable at least, and it is more watchable than a lot of low-budget demonic horror.

Haunted Highway

I think the last thing that the world needs is another reality based ghost hunting show. This one gets points for me on two fronts: a lot of what they go after is folkloric and not ghosts, and a lof the ‘searches’ end with a certain amount of skepticism-no, actually I’m fairly certain you scared yourself, not that you saw a shadow person.

Great British Ghosts

It seems like most of the places featured on this show are haunted simply because they’ve been around longer than the city of Buffalo. At least they point out that fat on the show. If nothing else, a lot of these stories (though not all) are big name haunts that you’ve probably heard so often you could repeat them from memory.

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