Sunday Legends-American Spirits


The Hampton Lillibridge house is considered to be the most haunted house in Savannah. According to local legend the house has been the site of at least one death; according to Savannah folklore a sailor hanged himself on the property. Reports of spirit activity include steps, movement, and odd sounds- all of which have been experienced by multiple people. Included in the odd occurrences on the property are the sounds of screaming, full bodied apparitions, and the finding of a tomb on the property. The house was exorcised in the 1960s but if anything, this only made the haunting worse.

The Punderson Manor (Ohio) has themselves a particularly nasty story. The story states that in 1979 three of the Manor’s staff claimed to witness a full bodied apparition-of a man being hanged in the dining room. Not only did they witness the man, who seemed to be dressed in working clothes, slowly die but the apparition didn’t disappear for three hours. At sunrise the haunting is said to have ended. Legend claims that the man was Karl Long, the man that built the mansion.

The St. Simons Island lighthouse (Georgia) was built in 1808. The original lighthouse was destroyed by the Confederate Army in 1862 but was rebuilt in 1872, which is the building that is currently on the island. The keeper, Frederick Osborne, was killed by an assistant after insulting the assistant’s wife. Osborne is said to haunt the building and reports include apparitions and footsteps on the stairs of the lighthouse.


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