Haunted Western New York-The Otesaga Hotel (Cooperstown)


This is the column that I enjoy the most, and the one that seems to get overlooked the most as well. So I’m going to make this fast, just so I’ll have posted something in it recently.

The story that I heard growing up is that originally the site housed a hospital, and that the ghosts that are reported on the various floors of the building are related to that history. Essentially, the rumors I heard were that the people who died while at the hospital stayed after the site was converted to a high-priced hotel. Internet hunting suggests that during the early 20th century, the building was a private girls’ school and the reports of children playing, sounds of feet, and other paranormal activity are related to that aspect of its history. A third theory merges the two stories, suggesting that the girls who haunt the building died of whooping cough and have never moved beyond the Otesaga.

Reports also include full bodied apparitions of several different adults, including something that hints at the hotel having a white lady, as well as phantom music. There may be something that has a habit of sleeping in the beds of unoccupied rooms, and the more common place orb activity that seems to pop up everywhere that claims to be haunted.

(The photo is of Main Street Cooperstown, not the Otesaga)

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