Kitchen Scrubbies {Functional Knits}

Every six months or so I have a meltdown.

It’s every six months or so because sometimes it’s less than that, sometimes it’s more. I’m a bit of a weird creature because I make a lot of noise-I can be a cranky thing-but I’m generally pretty good at chugging along. But then I hit my maximum stress point and meltdown.

That point came this weekend. I’ve been pretty antisocial for the past six months and not necessarily out of choice [the weather and one of my best friends taking a job in Austin have a lot to do with that]. I ended up forcing-yes, I’m ashamed to admit, forcing-Mid to take me to Michael’s to look at yarn. I wanted to get some wool but the kitchen cotton was on sale for less than $1 a ball.

I can’t resist orange yarn, and I thought the stripes were just pretty.

I’m not sure how obvious it is, but the orange one has a pumpkin on. I found the pattern on Ravelry. I suppose that if I have to meltdown, getting some kitchen knits out of it is a fair balance.

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