Sunday Legends-Cleaning House


There’s cleaning your house, and then there’s cleaning your house. Why would you want to clean your house with intent? From a folkloric standpoint, house cleaning is a way of clearing out negative or stagnant energy, which can affect the mental and physical health of your family. Once the house is ‘clean’, you can then take steps to avoid picking up those energies again.

When would you want to bump up your normal house cleaning routine into the realm of cleaning with intent? Some people do it on the Sabbats (or other cultural markers, such as secular holidays like Memorial Day or the Fourth of July) just because they’re easy to remember. Other people will do it on the event of a tragedy, illness, fight, or any time the energy in the space gets ‘bad’. It’s not uncommon to take special or extra steps when there’s been a death to made doubly certain that the energy has been lifted.

Here are some ways of cleaning your space-

-Salt on the doorways and in the corners of a room will keep it clear from passing energies, intrusive thoughts, or ghosts.

-Hanging bags of nails and broken glass in the doorways leading outside will keep the fae out.

-Cayenne pepper across the door will keep both unwanted people and ants out of a house. Ants hate both cayenne and peppermint in general, so lines of it will prevent their entrance.

-Iron above a door will keep energies out, while High John the Conqueror (pronounced conker) will attract positive energy into a house.

-Once you’ve cleaned a room, a glass or bowl of water or half an onion or lemon left in the room overnight will absorb any negative energy into it. Dump it outside to pull those energies out with it.

-Sprinkle cornmeal onto the floor when your sweeping and then sweep everything from every room together. Then sweep everything out of the back door of the space.

-To wash surfaces and windows, add a drop or two of lavender or tea tree oil and a drop or two dish soap to water and make sure to wash every window sill and counter in the house.

-Get a new broom for every house you live in.

-Some people suggest cleaning your mirrors after fights or deaths so they don’t reflect back what they’ve seen.

-Start at the top of the top-most room of the house and work from the top down. So start on the tallest point of the top-most floor and work your way down from there. Some people suggest being silent, others suggest singing or making other ‘positive’ noises.

-Make sure to clean all the soft surfaces in a room. They hold energy,  but tend to get overlooked. Make sure to clean all of the base and top boards for the same reason.

-Wash your front door as the last step in the cleaning process.

See here for a sample complete house cleaning routine.


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