Launch Pad 34

I really debated not telling this story. I’ve been sitting on it for months now. There’s something about this case that makes it that much more tragic that the ghost stories I normally tell.

I think that in the majority of ghost and haunting cases, the murders seem to be urban legend. Someone may or may not died. Or they died so long ago that they’re essentially figments of the historical imagination at this point. Most of the time, I at the very least don’t have a fairly direct connection to the crime or accident that caused the haunting.

Not with this one. I had family working this mission.

It’s a very…sobering experience.

Launch Pad 34 was used for the very first Apollo mission, aptly named Apollo 1. Crewed by Lt. Col. Virgil (Gus) Grisom, Lt. Col. Edward White, and Lieutenant Commander Roger B. Chaffee Apollo I was to be the first of the manned lunar missions. It was slated for launch on February 21, 1967. During a training mission on January 27, 1967, a short in the wiring near a seat ignited oxygen stored in the module. Due the design of the exits the crew were unable to get the door open before they were killed the module. All three men died on the launch pad.

According to legend, Launch Pad 34 (which is still standing at Cape Canaveral but has been discontinued from use as a launch site) is haunted by the Apollo 1 crew. While many of the accounts refer to ‘creepy feelings’ and ‘sensations’, accounts also include the sounds of banging on metal and screaming. Supposedly tours were discontinued on the site due to ‘occurrences.’

You know, it’s rare for me to actually hope that a site ISN’T haunted. But this is one of them.


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