Inspired Weekends #18

Happy early Mother’s Day! This week’s entry is going up a little early, I have yet another round of dental work in the morning.

I have a finished sock! Just one right now. I’m trying to decide what to do with the scraps. Would you be more interested in seeing how a finished project dyes up, or a yarn blank? Would you like to see both?

Are you a baker? Do you like Pinterest? I’ve started a group baking board. You can comment on this pin to be added.

Inspired Weekends #18


This week’s featured entry-Jewelry Making Journal’s Adjustable Class Ring Tutorial

This is a free for all style link up-there are no rules! The only guideline is that each entry should be your own content-but feel free to link up round ups, link parties, giveaways, diy, recipes, tutorials, favorite entries from your archives, anything that you would like to share!

Click on the button that looks like a blue frog at the bottom of the page to view the collection.

Please link to entries, and not your blog main page.

Click around the list and leave a few comments or pin a few projects! Please try to at least stop by the last entry on the list.

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