Empty Your Jars-10 Uses for Strawberry (or Other Fruit) Syrup

I wanted to post something fibery today, but all of my projects are either in the gestation or boring middle periods.

I have been loving me some strawberry syrup all week though, so I thought I’d give you another Empty Your Jars post with some ideas to use up that syrup. Some of these ideas would be applicable if you wanted to use the same recipe but with different fruits (peach syrup mixed with hot sauce and bbq would make an excellent chicken glaze…)


1. Use it on pancakes, waffles, or homemade french toast.

I’ve used it on Cook’s Illustrated french toast recipe, and frozen waffles.

2. Spicy Sriracha Chicken

3. …A hangover cure?

I’m not sure what it is (my suspicion is that it’s the sugars plus the vitamin C) but a spoonful mixed into about a half quart of water is the best cure for a mild hangover that I’ve tried yet.

4. Cocktails

Mix a spoonful into a glass of seltzer water and about half a shot of a good rum. I didn’t like it nearly as much with whiskey.

Ideas 3 and 4 may be related.

5. Fruit tea

Mix a spoonful into a jug of green tea and let cool in the fridge.

6. Serve over pound cake.

7. Use for a poke cake.

8. Salad dressing

Mix syrup with vinegar and oil. Very, very good over spinach greens.

9. Mix into yogurt or pudding and make popsicles.

10. Freeze into cubes and use as flavored ice for drinks.

How do you use fruit syrups?

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  1. i don’t normally use fruit syrup, but this sounds pretty good.
    I just happened to find you from Inspire Me Monday. I just started following you on twitter.
    Pop over to my new blog (since blogger deleted mine) and have a look, if you like.

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