The Crying Boy

This week shouldn’t feel half as busy as it has…time to pull something out of the archives! This is one of the more common, modern urban legends.

Horrific Knits


It’s now summer.

We went and put up the tent at the campsite, and I got violently heat-sick yesterday. I ended up calling off of work and moping around, spinning and making at quarter-assed (yes. I was so drained that it wasn’t even half-assed) effort at cleaning.

After multiple short naps and several quart jars of water, I finally felt halfway human again. Hopefully this is my ‘kicking off summer’ attack and I’ll be okay from here on out.

In an odd series of coincedences, a certain painting is found in the wreckage of burned homes throughout England. Always of a young boy shown on the verge of tears, the painting is found so frequently that eventually firefighters refuse to allow the painting to be in their homes.

What is so odd about this particular painting is not the frequency to which it is found- it’s the fact the…

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