I don’t think that there’s such a thing as a ‘bad yarn’ when you’re handspinning. Especially if we’re talking about spindle spinning. Occassionally you’ll get ‘surprise’ yarns where it doesn’t come out the way that you thought it would. Sometimes you end up with ‘art’ yarn-which, to be fair, people seem strangely willing to spend an excessive amount of money on. And sometimes you end up with ‘learning experiences’. Normally even the ‘learning experiences’ are good for something. Even if sometimes that something is tying up other skeins of yarn…

I am back to spinning. Mainly because I want to work on my Inferno project. I’m determined to have this thing finished by Samhain this year. It looks like we’re not going to do festival this year (I’m not sure if my crowd-hating self can do it three years in a row, I need a break from that overwhelming energy) and I want to still have my big, monstrous project out of the way. I have two yarns in various degrees of progress on spindles that need to be finished, but they shouldn’t take too long. And I told Holly I would spin her a braid (and send her some peach-habanero jam).


This season’s canning has started. I put up just over a quart of applesauce on Saturday. The apple guy (I can never remember the farm’s name, so it’ll always be the apple guy to me) at Bidwell had uglies for 8/$1. I think he’s always vaguely annoyed that I want nothing but uglies, but if I can get them cheaper and I’m canning them, I don’t care what they look like. To be honest, I’m not sure I care what they look like even if I’m not canning them. They’re fruit, not blog props…

Mid bought me jars this weekend. He bought me a flat of jelly jars, which homed the applesauce and the first batch of firestarter for the year. I have a freakish amount of habs in the freezer right now. We also have a habit of going to Wegman’s at midnight…and he came out of the store with some of the anniversary blue jars. I do love them. I just wish they had found something to do with the lids. I think the lids ruin the look…


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