Goodleberg Cemetery (Wales)


Goodleberg Cemetery is a land of rumors. While it’s an admittedly eerie place (or so I’m told, I’ve not had the priviledge of being there myself), a lot of the ‘history’ surrounding the cemetery is falsified, exaggerated, or just plain misunderstood.

The cemetery was actually the first place that I ran into when I started hearing about the oddities of Western New York. As the story goes, several of my friends were on a road trip. They ended up in Wales-and stranger than that, they kept ending up back at the cemetery. It didn’t matter which way they drove, it was like the road kept looping back. Obviously they eventually made it out or I wouldn’t have heard the story.

The stories surrounding the cemetery are admittedly dark. Full of doctors performing fatal (and illicit) operations, satanic rituals, and other dark nastiness it sounds like the perfect place to be haunted. The rituals supposedly defaced the property, the doctor was driven insane by the ghosts of the women and babies he killed, and the grounds are a hotbed of activity. The cemetery even has its own pack of hell hounds! (Points for that, if nothing else.) Urban legend has it that the name even translate to hill of ghouls.

So the unfortunate reality of the place: it may be weird, but it’s also a magnet for legend. The doctor and his unfortunate victims are a mangling of actual history; remains may or may not have washed up on shore, which is claimed to be the basis for a lot of the legend, but the only doctor that is actually connected to the area is the Buffalo medical examiner who lived near the cemetery in the 1940s. Unfortunately, around the time of the doctor’s death there were several murders in the area where the bodies were dumped near his land. These facts may have merged into a legend with much darker implications.

As for the satanic rituals, it’s most likely teenagers being teenagers. Much of the ‘evidence’ of activity seems to be fairly normal activities being filtered through the legends of the area. People singing and acting strange? It can’t possibly be that there’s a party with smuggled alcohol! It’s definitely satanists! Unfortunately, there have been desecration of graves, destruction of gravestones, and other acts of violence. These acts don’t seem to be linked to the actual site however.


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