(Apple) Mint Extract


Just a quick post before I run out to deal with Litha stuff.

I have found my holy grail farmer’s market stand. I’ll get into a longer post on my feelings regarding the two farmer’s markets near my house, but I prefer one for atmosphere and the other for you know being a farmer’s market.

One of the new stands at the one nearest my house is literally my perfect stand. Everything is GMO-free, organic, local-and extremely well priced.

Everything they had today were greens and I’m not going to be around this weekend long enough to do justice to greens. But they had apple mint $1 a bunch. So I grabbed two bunches to make mint extract, which was a project I’ve been meaning to get around to anyway. Price Rite has mint at a decent price, but these were both cheaper and healthier.

This is a fairly easy process, though I will say up front that most people do this with vodka because of the lack of taste. I had rum, and not just rum, but a rum I enjoy drinking so out of a desire to save a little bit of cash I used that. I would recommend getting a fairly cheap alcohol  if you’re going to purchase it, because you’re not actually going to be drinking the final project. Normally I advocate only cooking with an alcohol you’re willing to drink, but for the sake of frugality, don’t spend a ton of money on this.


This is more of a tutorial than a recipe, and I’ll post again in 6 weeks with the final results.

1. Find a jar. I used one of my heritage jars and an old lid.

2. Strip mint leaves from your washed bunches. Fill the jar with the leaves, periodically smooshing them down with a chopstick or spoon.

3. When the jar is full or you’re out of mint, fill the jar with rum until all the leaves are at least mostly covered. You may have to smoosh the leaves down again and add more rum at this point.

4. Leave in a relatively, cool dark place where you’re not going to forget about the jar. Once a week, at least, for six weeks  make sure to shake the jar.

5. Strain off the alcohol and save; I’m going to see if at the end of the six weeks the absolutely drunken leaves are up to being canned in apple jelly.

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  1. I have so much apple mint, I don’t know what to do with it all! This is a great idea. I make my own vanilla extract, but I never thought to make mint. Thanks for such a clever idea!

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