But Where Has All the Fiber Gone?

Don’t worry, it’ll be back. I’m just spending all my free time at home canning. (Or looking up canning recipes on Pinterest, I’m fairly certain my followers hate me right now.)

So what’s going on in yarn-land?

-The socks for Spring Is For Socks

I will be doing an update/wrap-up at least. I’m just a little embarrassed that there’s no work on those socks.

-Hellfire Club

That’s the working title of my Inferno themed scarf. I’m about a third of the way through knitting it, but I’m debating starting over. I like the general pattern, but at this rate we will have gone past ‘long scarf’ into ‘I’m escaping a building and won’t have to tie sheets together’.


The last yarn that I have to spin for the aforementioned project. I’m almost at plying stage.

-Autumn Rose

I pick this one up every so often. But Phoenix has spindle priority right now. I haven’t switched over to bringing my spindle to work yet. Right now it’s that time of the year to re-read American Gods.


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