June Preservation


The spring was pretty quiet for canning/preservation, but I hit the ground running in June


Tomatoes– 3 quarts, whole


Firestarter-2.25 quarts

Peach Pie-1.5 pints

Blackstrap Strawberry-1 pint


Blackstrap berries-1 pint

Spiked Berries-1.5 pints

Can It Up/Spiked Peach Cherry Preserves-1.25 pints

Pickles and Relishes-

Dilly Beans-1 quart

Pickled Carrots-1.25 quarts

Double Dill Relish-1 quart


1 quart plums

1 quart peaches

Blueberries-1 pint


Apple Mint Extract started Litha/first day of summer

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One comment

  1. You’ve really inspired me. It’s been about three years since I canned anything, but this year I’m back at it after reading your blog. Keep up the good work and I love that you have different flavor combos than what you typically see.

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