Sunday Legends-By Any Other Name

Just so today has a theme…what roses mean other than being a tasty addition to dessert.

Horrific Knits


Sometimes you set up an idea or theme that you want to work with and the universe decides that it wants your energies somewhere else. Roses have been everywhere for me lately, so I’m taking the hint-and this time it wasn’t even a case of ignoring it and hoping the nagging would stop, this is just the first time I had to sit down and write on it.

Admittedly, this is a topic that feels strange to me. I don’t really mesh well with the traditional trappings of Western femininity. I think that I’ve said as much on this blog before, I must have. I am the girl who’s the first to admit that I’m not like other girls. I asked Mid for stuffed bats for Valentine’s Day one year. And when I think ‘roses’ I think about as girly as you can get, right up there with wanting to…

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