End of the Month Meta-May and June

Hello! It’s time for another end of the month round up post. I hope that everyone had a good month-this was definitely interesting if nothing else.

I’ve started to update some of the older recipes with better photos! Currently, the macaroni and cheese recipe has gotten an upgrade.

Spring is for Socks

I made…a sock. If you finished your socks, please share with us! I wish I had gotten more time in on my socks, but I at least finished one-which is a lot more progress than I had gotten on this pair in the last two years.

Top Entries

The top three entries for hits in June were-

Rings     Mississippi Roast     The Care and Feeding of Your Depression

For pins, the top pinned entries were-

June-Peach Pie Jam

Your First (Haunted) House

We’ve been looking at house-related folklore on Sundays-be sure to check out the Sunday Folklore tag on the sidebar.

June’s Can It Up

All Four Burners hosts Can It Up every month. This month’s theme was cherries-HK’s entry this month was Spiked Cherry Preserves.

August Canning Round Up

Horrific Knits will be hosting a canning and preservation themed round up on the first of August. More information to come!

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