Haunted Western New York-Haunted Properties and Boundaries

I want to touch base on a subject that I’ve covered briefly before on this column but I think needs to be addressed directly:

Whatever the rumors surrounding a place are, DO NOT act like that gives you a right to enter the property.

I generally write this column under the thought that 99% of my readership is both mature and understanding enough to not enter a property without permission. However, I want to say plainly that a property’s supposedly haunted status, whether it be in Western New York or anywhere else, does not equal an invitation to urban explore, vandalize, break into, or otherwise enter a property. It’s one thing to go to a place like Van Horn where the story is embraced-and the property is actually open for visiting-and entering a place like Central Terminal, where it’s both illegal and dangerous to be on site.

This is especially true of homesteads-while I try to avoid currently occupied houses or properties, the state of these sites may change after publication, which is a situation that I can’t avoid-or even become aware of. DO NOT BREAK INTO PEOPLE’S HOUSES. IT’S JUST RUDE. Horrific Knits will not be held responsible for any legal action that may be taken against you for doing so.

All stories presented in this column are found in other locations already (either in print or online), unless stated as personal experience.


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