Haunts of the Very Rich

We’re currently dealing with a death in the family. Inspired Weekends will return next week.

Out of all of the movies that I had on my list (and I do have a list, by the way) this was the one that I was expecting the least of. I honestly thought that of all the movies that I set out to watch for July, this was going to be in the top three for stupidity.

Actually, it ends up in the top three strongest.

I think that it doesn’t really hold up for a modern viewing only because of what came after it. I don’t want to go too much into its parallels with modern television because you know, spoilers, but the only reason that its theme seems over-done and trite now is because of certain pop culture icons that came up well after this movie’s airing. If anything, by comparison those tropes feel forced by comparison.

So what exactly is going on here? A group of random tourists, all of whom appear to be comfortable if not quite comfortable, find themselves on a plane to an island resort. Each person has a brochure for the resort which describes it in a different way (island paradise, fishing resort, health spa…) except for one man, who thinks he should be on a plane to Texas. Once they reach their destination, the resort becomes radically stranger (in part because of the stoic nature of their host at the resort) and the tourists being to start wondering about their own sanity, the nature of reality, or both.

Are these people alive? Are they dead? Do they exist? Are they stoned?

Does it really matter?


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