The Hearse (1980)

“You live in a funny house…it’s haunted and you’re a ghost!”

This is a breed of horror that I think that modern viewers used to something more fast-paced and gore-spattered probably won’t appreciate. I’m not sure I would use the word ‘scary’ for any of its moments, or even atmospheric. It’s a little cliched and overwrought, but I actually like this one a lot more than most of the movies that I’ve been watching lately.

Jane moves into her deceased aunt’s house and quickly realizes that no one in town wants her around-especially when she tells them what house she’s living in. Unsettled, odd events start escalating and she is forced to accept that all is not what it seems in her new home. The secrets surrounding both her house and her aunt may end up destroying Jane-including the hearse that she’s left along with the house.

The movie has a lot of weaknesses, but I think that in a film like this, some of the weaknesses end up as strengths. A lot of the cast push the ‘angry, scared townspeople’ a little too far-which just makes them seem all the weirder. Sometimes the pacing slows down to a crawl or the mood gets a little heavy but it works in its own odd way.

I’m not sure why I like this one as much as I do. But if you like conventional ghost stories that think that they’re not (which oddly is a compliment here) then you can find this one on Youtube.


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