Sunday Legends- Roommates

Just to keep the blog from going silent-I’m hoping to get back to steady blogging tomorrow-here’s a legend from the archives.

Horrific Knits

The worse part about this legend is that it isn’t a legend.

This has actually happened.

The story goes that in Atlantic City, Vegas, or another gambling heavy city, a tourist and his family are looking for a hotel. Most of the ‘nice’ hotels are full, but he manages to find a fairly clean looking but run down motel off the strip.

The manager lets him have a discount on a largish room- a deep discount. He warns the guests that the room has been hard to rent out. People say there’s an odor.

The family settles in, not noticing any smell in particular. At first, anyway. Later that night however, the children begin to complain and the parents begin to feel ill. They start to look for whatever could be causing such a horrible stench.

Eventually the only place left is under the mattresses. The father pulls off the…

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