Horror Confessions: They’re So Big and Whaley


Mid thinks that I’m hilarious.

Hilarious, I tell you. He likes to look at me sometimes and say, “Well…they’re so big. And whaley. Big and whaley.”

This is because one night after putting in a 13 hour shift I informed him about my hatred of whales. I hate them. They’re as big as a bus and they’re just out there…floating. So big. and whaley. Big and whaley.

You know why? Because they are. There should not be a creature on this planet the size of a school bus-and don’t make me think about the fact that there is water deep enough on the planet to comfortably hold entire pods of the things.

I’ll be twitching in the corner.

I was not that child that had pictures of Orcas and dolphins on their walls. Well, maybe dolphins because they are just different enough from whales to be safe.

I mean, there has to be horror movies about whales but you won’t find me watching them. Well, there seems to be one anyway. And it gets a partial pass for being shot in Newfoundland. Unlike my hatred of Jaws and sharks, I have no idea why I hate them as much as I do.

Horror Confession: Whales scare me more than Michael Myers.


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