Wine Charms

winecharmsWe made these really cute wine/glass charms at camp on Saturday. They’re very simple, and are so customizable. They fit over the tops of bottles and the stems of wine glasses and the hair tie won’t harm the glass.


Fluffy, stretchy hair ties in a variety of colors

Plastic fishing line

a variety of small beads

alphabet beads

super glue


1. Cut a length of fishing line to about a foot’s length. Double the fishing line so the two ends are together, making a loop at the other end.

2. You can either bead your of fishing line and then attach it to the hair tie, or I fed the looped end of the fishing line through the hair tie and then the ends of the fishing line through the loop so it made a sort of half hitch knot-you would have the free ends of the fishing line dangling from the hair tie. [This is harder to describe than do, you just want have the fishing line securely attached to the hair tie.]

3. Add the decorative beads. Once you’ve added the decorative beads, decide what word you want your charm to say-mine says Happy but Mid wanted his to have his name on it. Add a few beads after the name/word, then tie off the free ends of the fishing line. Dot the knot with super glue to secure it.

[This isn’t my project, but I was given permission to blog about it. I did make both charms in the photo.]

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