Things I Think Are Awesome About Myself

Because I think that living in the type of world that we do*, we all should have a list like this.

1. Gotta fall back on that whole drow eye thing. (I know that most of you probably don’t know what a drow is, but it’s what Mid always tells people).

2. My body is running pretty flipping well, all things considered. The vast majority of my stats are well within the healthy range.

3. My body got me through a full class schedule, a job, pledging, and an honor’s thesis. Then it turned around and got me through grad school.

4. While I may not like the way that dancing always makes me feel mentally, I love the way it makes my body feel afterwards (and I’m fairly confident that I’ll get over the way it makes me feel mentally at some point).

5. I have weird flipper feet, but I love them anyway.

6. My fingers let me both type and knit freakishly fast. Both skills have made people stop and stare.

7. Frankly, I’ve had people just stop and stare at me. And not because I’m too fat to be wearing whatever I was wearing.

8. My hair will never be thick and luxurious- but I have quad-toned highlights.

9. I’ve been told that I have ‘Earth Momma’ thighs and hips. I’ve started seeing this a compliment, considering that She is an archetype and all.

10. To steal a quote from Grey’s Anatomy: “Oh, screw beautiful. I’m brilliant. If you want to appease me, compliment my brain.” I have this habit of appearing vapid and then opening my mouth and spewing out pretty intense thought. This has actually saved me on more than one occasion- and the sensation of reducing a room of people who frankly thought you worthless to silence is, to use an overused cliche, epic.

*I really feel that one of the worst things in the world for living people in general is media, as much as I love it. Did you know that a woman sees something like 400 ads a day and most of them are pointing out flaws that she probably doesn’t have in order to sell her a product that she probably doesn’t need? There’s nothing wrong with your body’s appearance, except trying to fit it into someone else’s definition of beauty.


  1. I LOVE this! It is important to stop nd think about the positive rather than the negative. Sometimes it is hard to find things you like about yourself, but when you do it helps put things into perspective.

    1. Purple, I think. Personally I’ve never seen my eyes go purple (intensely blue-grey) but he’s told people purple.

      I have horrible night vision. I walk into walls almost every night.

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